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Dust Control System

To Arco Enterprises, Inc. dust control is a primary objective. We realize that the best quality work is not good enough if the area we are working in is not kept clean and as dust free as possible.

To meet this objective we have, through our many years of experience, developed a system that far surpasses all others.

The Arco Enterprises dust collection system has its dust separation bags located internally. This completely contains the dust and makes it very easy to clean out, unlike the external bag type collectors. With the optional HEPA filter, this system has been tried and tested in radioactively contaminated environments and has not emitted any airborne contamination.

In addition to our 2,000 CFM dust collection system, excellent dust control is achieved by using a nylon reinforced, neoprene tarp with double Velcro seals at all openings of our blast cleaning tent. Our system has been used extensively on many turbine floors, with both running and open units, and absolutely no dust contamination problems have existed.

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