Specializing in the blast cleaning of turbine parts, and more!

Power Roller and Equipment Rentals

Power Rollers are available for rent. We offer sizes to support 30-250 ton rotors. The power rollers can be applied for use on practically any rotor and can add up to be a substantial time saver. This equipment is designed to support and turn the rotor for blast cleaning, the non-destructive testing, and any necessary repairs. A thrust device is also available to prevent the rotor from “walking” or shifting while in use.

Our Power Rollers and Stands are designed to work for whatever application the customer needs. From small Gas Turbine rotors to Large LP rotors and Generator fields, we have a set of rollers to support your needs.

Arco Enterprises also offers for rent: Diesel and electric Air Compressors, Air Dryers, Certified Breathing Air Systems, Dust Collectors and other miscellaneous equipment for use in conjunction with our blast cleaning work.

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